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Thee Oh Sees - 2012-04-07 - Adobe Books Benefit SF

And the video!

Check out JPD playing his new clear lucite axe.  And check out my awesome
POV right next to Petey's head and during parts of Contraption and their
last number, right next to Mike and his drumkit.

Took my son Alex to see this show, he's still not sure what he thought of
it...it's so outside his normal palate of experience that he may as well
have stowed away on a spaceship to Mars....but he did take a lot of
pictures, though mostly of Sonny and the Sunsets and The Mallard, since he
found ToS too chaotic to take many pictures, though he did the
classic/iconic one of JPD with a smoke dangling from his lips that I used
for the title image.

Audio recordings of Sonny and the Sunsets and A/V of The Mallard to follow.

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