[Incubation] TSM from last night in Oakland

the happy one the at atmyheels.com
Sat Dec 15 23:19:31 PST 2012

I guess Incubation has turned into my own Soft Moon mailing list.  Here's
my seed from my recording last night, which sounds pretty killer to these



Was in a bit of an editorial mood after trying to find out what happened to
Damon Way, since he hasn't been spotted playing live with them...knew his
brother was a famous skateboarder, turns out he's an extremely successful
businessman who had founded a company making skateboarding shoes, see here:
http://www.fastcompany.com/fast50_04/winners/dcshoes.html and now works for
Incase as their chief branding officer.  He also lives in San Diego, so
maybe he plays with them for So Cal shows?

Also have openers Group Rhoda up, as well as a link to a vid of Parallels I
shot in the comments.  As well as a recording of local acts Cruel Summer
and Moonbell from October, paired with an NZ group by the name of The
Golden Awesome.

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