[Incubation] The Mallard - Coalition on Homelessness performance

the happy one the at atmyheels.com
Mon Dec 31 17:22:47 PST 2012

Finally have these up and ready in time for NYE.

Audio (FLAC):

Video (720p):

Most of the songs are new, with the exception of "Shallow" and "Fog".  "33"
was the seventh song during their August show.  Setlist IDs based on
Greer's setlist, which I snuck a photo of after the performance.

Think the standout tracks from the new bunch are "Fast Gesture" (Fast
Gest-two, or however it's titled at the moment), with a simple but catchy
guitar hook and "Crystal", with an insistant vocal line.

Since these tracks are mostly pre-release, please keep them on the down-low
until the next album comes out, whenever that is.  The list is called
"Incubation" for a reason.

The TOS set (also full audio/video) will follow some time in early January.

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