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Fri Mar 30 14:40:04 PDT 2012


Terry Malts
The Knockout
San Francisco CA

A TH1/TZ0 blend.  TZ0's with the Sonics and Edirol, I'm with the Churches and Olympus.


Wasted [Black Flag]
Nervous Breakdown [Black Flag]
Fix Me [Black Flag]
Six Pack [Black Flag]

Something  About You
Where Is The Weekend
What Was It
Mall Dreams
Live Wire
'the shirt-taking off song' (drum+guitar interlude)
I Do
I'm Neurotic
Fun Night

Yes, the first four songs are all Black Flag covers...these can EASILY go on a 7" bootleg, two songs per side...IT IS THAT AWESOME, even if Phil said "That sucks...we suck so bad, that's horrible..." and Don't clap, that was horrible, what the fuck is your problem?"  Yeah, what?

Tomzero got bumped during 'What Was It', and didn't recover until partway through Mall Dreams, so those songs are just from my recording only.  The cymbals sound phasey which is actually how they sounded through the PA.

Girls scream when Phil takes off his shirt.

Phil goes OFF on the crowd when they booed the band stopping after "only" thirty minutes..."How about this?  Start your own fucking band!"  Playing 13 songs in 30 minutes at breakneck speed in a Ramones-like sonic assault, and people are not satisfied?  I'm speechless.

This may just have well been their best show to date.  I actually didn't recognize "Hanna and her Sisters" at the time...and didn't realize they were  Dominant Legs until just today...however, any band going on after Terry Malts will sound anti-climatic, you have your work cut out for you....and I actually stopped my recording after a couple of songs since frankly, they weren't doing anything for me...however, tomzero did get it all and I'll ask him for it to up on here.


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