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Sorry for the double posting

In the midst of some upgrades a while back the mailing list had gone into
disrepair...and I got some free time this afternoon to figure out what was
ailing it.


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> Terry Malts
> 2012-03-23
> The Knockout
> San Francisco CA
> A TH1/TZ0 blend.  TZ0's with the Sonics and Edirol, I'm with the Churches
> and Olympus.
> Setlist
> Wasted [Black Flag]
> Nervous Breakdown [Black Flag]
> Fix Me [Black Flag]
> Six Pack [Black Flag]
> Something  About You
> Where Is The Weekend
> What Was It
> Mall Dreams
> Live Wire
> 'the shirt-taking off song' (drum+guitar interlude)
> I Do
> I'm Neurotic
> Nauseous
> Fun Night
> Yes, the first four songs are all Black Flag covers...these can EASILY go
> on a 7" bootleg,
> two songs per side...IT IS THAT AWESOME, even if Phil said "That
> sucks...we suck so bad,
> that's horrible..." and Don't clap, that was horrible, what the fuck is
> your problem?"
> Yeah, what?
> Tomzero got bumped during 'What Was It', and didn't recover until partway
> through Mall Dreams,
> so those songs are just from my recording only.  The cymbals sound phasey
> which is actually
> how they sounded through the PA.
> Girls scream when Phil takes off his shirt.
> Phil goes OFF on the crowd when they booed the band stopping after "only"
> thirty minutes...
> "How about this?  Start your own fucking band!"  Playing 13 songs in 30
> minutes at breakneck
> speed in a Ramones-like sonic assault, and people are not satisfied?  I'm
> speechless.
> This may just have well been their best show to date.  I actually didn't
> recognize "Hanna and
> her Sisters" at the time...and didn't realize they were  Dominant Legs
> until just today...
> however, any band going on after Terry Malts will sound anti-climatic, you
> have your work
> cut out for you....and I actually stopped my recording after a couple of
> songs since frankly,
> even if I've heard them and liked some of their stuff before, they weren't
> doing anything for
> me that night...however, tomzero did get it all and I'll ask him for it to
> up on here.
> --Sam
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