[Incubation] The Soft Moon - Zeroes Demos CD [Captured Tracks CT-165D] rip

the happy one the at atmyheels.com
Mon Nov 26 23:02:18 PST 2012

I had no idea this existed until a certain kind UK-based benefactor tipped
me off.

Not putting this on the tracker since it's commercially released, if you
can count 150 copies given out to certain UK record shops (Rough Trade
London and Piccadilly Manchester) as properly "released":


Looks like that 'Insides' and 'Die Life' are the most different, the demo
version of 'Insides' has tambourine(!?) in the middle of the song and 'Die
Life' only has what I would called scratch vocals.  The others sound nearly
identical, except with quieter levels.  'Zeroes' has a different ending.

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