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More upps to Incubation.


Priests, they

Manatee (Mike Schulman of Slumberland plays guitar for them)

There were a total of 5 acts, but I walked in near the end of the first
band's set (Flesh Lights), and as Phil Benson hinted, Glitz was "janky", so
were not recorded, but please check out both the Priests (from DC, they're
superb) and Synthetic ID sets...Synthetic ID especially, as my recording is
superlative and I think sounds just as good if not better than their
recordings for 'Apertures'...the Aiwa CM-30s really do wonders for this
kind of stuff.  If you're a fan of Total Control, you'll love them.

I think the next AMH post I make will be devoted to this show.  For all
fans of melodic "glue-punk", this is a must.  It's a bit afield from your
typical alternative fare, but this really hits home, and I'm really happy
with these recordings.

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