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Sun Jan 6 01:06:16 PST 2013

Video of the entire show will follow in a couple of days...if I don't
decide to go to the TOS shows this week at The Independent...

Thee Oh Sees
Coalition On The Homeless Benefit
The Chapel
San Francisco CA

taper: thehappyone

location: stage right corner, a couple meters away from JPD, mostly out of
the way of the bedlam TOS shows invariably engender

kit: Sony PCM-MS907 mics > Olympus LS-5 + Cisco Flip (audio, tracks 1-7,
-31dB) or iPhone 5 (audio, tracks 8-17, -31dB) > Adobe Audition (EQ,
blending, normalization, tracksplits, fades/editing) > FLAC(5)


soundchecking, intro
new #1
new #2
Block Of Ice
Lupine Dominus
Tidal Wave
The Dream
Carrion Crawler
new #8
new #9
I Was Denied
Meat Step Lively
Dead Energy
main set outro, audience chanting, encore intro

The Flute Song
Dead Energy (reprise)


A historically significant Thee Oh Sees show, as it featured the debut of
no less than four new songs, and their longest set to date, bordering on 90
minutes (at least that I'm aware of), and a two-song encore.  Bonus: the
lady Dylan from the Mallard on tambourine for the entire set.

The new songs were all enjoyable, my favorite was #2 with it's
Sabbathy-fuzz riff, with #1 being right behind...#8 had a really fast
tempo, and #9 was really slow and heavy.

During the first part of 'Block Of Ice', I dropped my mic...I've done some
tweaking to make the thumping sounds less noticeable, but discerning ears
will hear about 10-15 seconds of muffed audio during that portion.  There's
a bit of chattiness during "Minotaur".  At the end JPD thanked the other
bands and mentioned Hether from Blasted Canyons and the death of her friend.

The crowd starts chanting "Thee Oh Sees" over and over (the guy next to me
started it!)...absolutely electric...which must have convinced the band to
come back out, they then played a long version of "The Flute Song" and
reprising "Dead Energy".

I would have stayed afterwards to chat up the group and purchase a copy of
Putrifiers II (which they only played a track from anyways), but due to the
length of their set, I had to hurry and catch the last BART train back to

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