[Incubation] AMH: My Sixth Recording...Xiu Xiu - 2007-04-23 - Bottom Of The Hill, SF

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Sun Sep 28 17:15:40 PDT 2014


Decided to lay off trying to be Graeme in documenting my outings right then
and there, and switched to a more historiographical approach...which takes
us to the time (first of two) seeing Xiu Xiu...

Looks like Jamie Stewart is still as nuts/brilliant as ever with his
art/experimental indie project which put out a well rated album (Angel
Guts: Red Classroom) this year as well as a Nina Simone "covers" album...I
fell a bit off of their wagon so I'm not as familiar with their new stuff
and didn't catch them when they played the Bottom Of The Hill on August
1st, but it's just as fucked up as ever...maybe even more than the classics
'A Promise' and 'Fabulous Muscles'...

My first time seeing them back in 2007 was pretty disappointing on the
recording front, as I think I ran out of battery and only managed to record
four tracks, missing out on their amazing cover of JD/NO's
"Ceremony"...well, all but about 20 seconds of it.  I've collected
everything I could find on this show above...what I did capture sounds
really good, comes down to the Sonic Studios mics being well-matched to
recording at BOTH...

Amazingly, someone seems to have filmed the entirety of their Phoenix show
the month below, though the video fidelity leaves a bit to be desired, I've
also linked that above.


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