[Incubation] Upped to tracker: Terry Malts - 2012-03-31 - Bottom Of The Hill SF

the happy one the at atmyheels.com
Thu Apr 5 20:22:27 PDT 2012


This marks the tenth time I've seen Terry Malts in the last ten months,
which has to be some sort of record.

If they're coming your way, make a point to go see them.  Not as
transcendant as their Knockout set, where my recording of the Black Flag
covers got featured in a couple of places, but still pretty good,
especially if you're a fan of Corey's buzzsaw guitar, it's on full throttle
here.  Vox is a little quiet probably due to positioning (if we were
further back we'd hear more vocals), but also due to the mix...Phil was
wondering why the crowd wasn't getting into it, wasn't any particular fault
of the band, everybody was back near the bar talking and catching up it
seems, since a lot of SF's indie notables were sighted, like Tim Cohen and
Phil Hartman...

Anyway, enough of my blather.  Enjoy the show!

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