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Four consecutive nights of putting up these recordings conclude with the
Young Prisms, whose combo of MBV/shoegaze/fourtwenty+garage sound has
gotten some attention.
This was the first time seeing them...

Rather than replicate what I wrote for the torrent writeup, here's some
quite candid iPhone Notepad banter (talking while taping is verboten):

Floating In Blue

S: I am in Camden and it is 1991.

S: "the scene that celebrates itself", forget which uk music tabloid hack
coined that term, but it definitely applies here.

S: This is their best song, which sounds like MBV crossed w/Pale Saints

T:  ALL their songs sound like MBV

S:  True

S:  Earlier, before the first band went on, Loveless wasn't played over the

2nd to last song, Four Hours (Away)

S: This sound like a slowed down The Last Of The Famous Int'l Playboys,
vocal melody

T:  It's not that bad

S:  Didn't say it was, just derivative

S:  Plus u have a thing for Ashley Thomas.  Sounds like a porn name.  Haha.

T ...

With that said, ended up liking them a fair bit, though they had near-zero
stage presence...though the line from Stefanie the singer about them being
from Belmont got a few chuckles...right next door to Terry Malts, whose
singer/bassist Phil Benson is from neighboring Redwood City.

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