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on a different note, just upped Dominant Legs to the tracker from earlier this year. Sam has already posted the 3 opening bands...

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Thanks for putting this up. I had entertained heading to Seattle tonight to catch the Blouse/Bear in Heaven gig, but couldn’t get motivated to catch the ferry. I totally dig Blouse, but not Bear in Heaven. I wish it had been a better line-up and then I would have for sure gone!

Great minds think alike!

Had no idea they had come back from quite an extensive European tour....20 dates in 22 days, which is gruelling...

Also see that you upped the Seattle Veronica Falls show, thank you for that one, going to hold off on that one a bit as it was in February and I have quite the backlog of late Jan/early Feb shows to get through!  After I put up the Club Du Nord Soft Moon show from 1/19 on Monday,  I'll be upping Terry Malts / Balaclavas / Rat Columns / Yi from 1/21 (probably will clear them from the tracker if there's a direct link up), and then the Serra Bowl show...which was an absolutely amazing show for the price I paid to go see it (free) as it features Monster Treasure from Stockton and Surf Club, who's guitarist was in an early incarnation of Craft Spells, along with Permanent Collection and the quite fabulous Terry Malts.  Most of you who pull stuff from the tracker will have these already, but it'll be new to the peoples on the Interwebs, since the tracker only has 75 members currently.


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